High quality apps integrated with WordPress.

  • Integrate with WordPress

    Use your existing WordPress website content inside your app, like pages, posts, custom post types, and images.

  • Customize your design

    Easily change your app colors, pages, menus, and more with an easy interface that does not require coding.

  • Test on your device

    Reactor automatically builds your app, generates splash and icon images, and gives you a QR code to instantly download to your device.

  • Real time updates

    Changes made to your app in Reactor updates your app in real time.

Video Demo

Features list

  • Integrate WordPress posts, pages, cpts, and images
  • Offline capabilities
  • Automatic app building
  • Splash screen and icon image generator
  • Show ads in your app (your own ads, not ours)
  • Create custom HTML pages, create almost any type of app content
  • App stats through Google Analytics
  • Google Maps store locator with geolocation
  • Add non-WordPress content
  • Add custom components from the Ionic Framework
  • Customizable app page templates
  • Add Paypal payment buttons
  • Simple WooCommerce integration
  • Native social sharing
  • Photo gallery with native camera image upload
  • Integrated push notifications
  • Update app content and design in real time
  • More features coming soon…

Read more about Reactor on our blog.