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  • Integrate with WordPress

    Use your existing WordPress website content inside your app, like pages, posts, custom post types, and images.

  • Customize your design

    Easily change your app colors, pages, menus, and more with an easy interface that does not require coding.

  • Test on your device

    Reactor automatically builds your app, generates splash and icon images, and gives you a QR code to instantly download to your device.

  • Real time updates

    Changes made to your app in Reactor updates your app in real time.

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  • Over 85% of mobile usage is in apps

    Your customers take their phones with them everywhere they go, and they mostly use apps (not mobile browsing). Compared to mobile browsing, Reactor apps get eyeballs on your content faster, easier, and in less clicks.

  • Engage your customers better

    Mobile apps allow for better customer engagement through features like social sharing, in app payments, and push notifications. Studies show that customers visit apps more often, and stay in them longer than a traditional website.

  • Send Push Notifications straight to their pocket

    Send a text message to your customer’s phones when you have a sale, or publish a new article. It’s only possible through a mobile app. Data shows push notifications can get a 40% click through rate, not bad!

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