Reactor is highly customizable for developers. It’s easy to build custom mobile apps for your clients, even if you don’t have prior experience with apps.

Customize Apps Using WordPress Plugins

You can add almost anything to your app by writing a custom plugin and installing it on your WordPress site.

Template hooks allow you to add support for almost anything from your WordPress site, including custom plugins or adding “app only” data. Here’s a list of things you could do with template hooks:

  • Add support for a custom plugin, or custom post meta (Advanced Custom Fields) for example
  • Add a media player for podcasts or videos. Blog post
  • Add an author box, or custom form
  • Add an image or text on any page to customize app content
  • Display custom content almost anywhere in the app
  • Add custom app UI components like buttons, lists, and more

Learn more about template hooks in our docs.

Customize Designs

Reactor allows you to add custom CSS, so you can style apps any way your clients want them.

customize app design

You can also add custom page layouts like a menu with a background image.


Custom Pages

Reactor allows for custom coded static html pages, using the custom text/html page type. Add any type of UI components such as buttons, lists, forms, and more.

Ionic Framework

Documentation and Support

Search our documentation for help customizing apps, submitting to the app store, and lots more:

Our team of developers can get you the support you need quickly.

Why is Reactor great for developers?

Reactor allows you to make more money by building apps for your clients faster. It gives you a solid base to work from, so you can spend your time customizing instead of starting from scratch.

The apps you create are fast and feature-rich, and your clients will love them.

Try it free!

Try Reactor free for 90 days to see if it’s right for your project. Developer packages are available, so you can build multiple apps at a discount.

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