A Complete Guide to the Hellish World of iOS app Certificates and Profiles

If you’ve ever attempted to create a mobile app for iOS, you have been through the hellish world of iOS certificates and provisioning profiles.

To submit an app to the app store, you are required to get a developer account, generate a certificate, export that certificate into a .p12 file with a private key, create an app ID, create a provisioning profile, then build the app with your .p12 and provisioning profile.

To make matters worse, you need to do this process in a different way for developing your app, using push notifications, or publishing your app to the app stores.


There are a million ways to screw this up, I know because I’ve done it wrong many times. You reach a point where you know you did everything right and it’s still not working.

This guide is to help those who have been beaten down by the iOS certification process, and have lost all hope. Fear not! We’ll get you back on track to meet that deadline, let’s dive in.

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