We just pushed some major improvements to Reactor apps, here’s what you need to know.

New Features and Updates

  • Lots of caching and performance improvements: list views now hold your place when you go back
  • Single post caching: any article you view in the app is cached so it loads faster, and it works offline
  • Update to the latest version of Phonegap and plugins: we are now using Phonegap cli-5.2, along with npm versions of most plugins.
  • Crosswalk: you can now use the crosswalk plugin, which enhances Android performance. Read more below.
  • Minor bug fixes

Please note: you will have to rebuild and resubmit any live apps to gain access to these features.

Enhance Android Performance with Crosswalk

Crosswalk is an enhanced webview to make your app faster on Android. Without going into the technical details, it’s awesome and you should use it. To enable on your app, go to your app’s Build/Test tab, then scroll down to Phonegap Config. Copy/paste this there:

[html]<gap:plugin name="org.crosswalk.engine" version="1.3.0" />[/html]

Rebuild your app, and try it out on your Android device to see the performance boost (will not work in our preview app, you must build for your device).

Potential Issues

You may need to clear your device cache to see any changes. On Android, go to Settings->Apps->Your App->Clear Data. On iOS, you can delete the old app completely before re-installing.

If you are seeing issues with the browser preview of your app, please make sure you are using Safari or Chrome. Clear your browser cache and refresh a couple of times.

Custom Phonegap Plugins

If you have added any custom Phonegap plugins under your apps Build/Test tab -> Phonegap Config, you may have to update them.

Many plugins require their source to be changed to npm. The new plugins look like this:

[html]<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-contacts" source="npm" version="1.1.0" />[/html]

Notice the plugin name, and source have changed. Not all plugins have moved to npm, so please contact the plugin author for help, or look the plugin up on npm.

Enjoy the new features and better performance in your apps!